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The Online Korean Studies Certificate Program

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The Online Korean Studies Certificate Program

Fascinated by Korean culture or politics?  Looking for a different kind of college-level program than what the average liberal arts college offers?  The Enlightened Rabbit Scholastic Society will be offering one-on-one or small group classes online via Skype or Appear.In toward an unaccredited Korean Studies Certification!  Classes can be taken a la carte or toward the completion of the certificate.  The full certificate program will require all twelve classes once they become available. Here is the updated pdf brochure with the details.

Korean Studies Program Brochure

The following classes from the program are available for registration:

Korean History – covers Korean history from the prehistoric period to the development of the  modern state.

Korean Literature – covers the historical developments in Korean orthography and literature with a focus on a few of the classical works.

Beginning Korean 1 – covers the Korean alphabet, intensive pronunciation, spelling rules, speech levels, greetings, numbers, common verb conjugations, adjective conjugation, time, weather, colors, family, and more.

Beginning Korean 2 – covers commands, suggestions, making lists, gerunds, simultaneous actions, causative and passive verbs, irregular verbs, movies, books, cooking, pets, and more.  Includes an intensive look at Korean business culture, too.

North Korea –  covers the Kim Dynasty in North Korea, the cult of personality that surrounds them, and their relationship to other Communist countries and to a lesser degree the rest of the world.

The Korean War – Coming Fall, 2017

Korean Through Newspapers – Coming Spring, 2018

All classes will be held by appointment with the instructor.  Each course includes 15 hour-long classes with 15 30-minute assessment periods for a cost of USD$1,050 each course, an average rate of $45 per hour for a total of 22 hours of individualized class instruction.  Students who complete the classes with a passing grade will receive a special completion certificate, but a student who takes all twelve will receive the full program certification from ERSS in Korean Studies.   Students can enroll by hitting either button at the top or bottom of this page.  I look forward to studying with you!

Background check clearance for child abuse, criminal, FBI and Interpol.



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